Smarter email testing with Email Insights

Maximize deliverability and open rates by testing your email content.

Take control of email content

Email Insights, an Inbox Insights tool, analyzes the contents of your email campaigns before you send them, generating recommendations to fix deliverability red flags.

4 reasons to test content

Improving email contents is just as important as email validation.

Protect your sender reputation

Avoid the spam folder by staying clear of IP address blocklists and authenticating your emails with SPF and DKIM records.

Avoid looking like spam

Stay clear of ISP spam filters and minimize your spam score by removing spam-like words from your subject lines and content.

Deliver a good brand experience

Send with confidence knowing that campaigns will look great in email clients used by your subscribers.

Maximize email marketing ROI

Marketers can get the most out of their email marketing campaigns by improving their chances of landing in the inbox.

Test emails without fuss

Create a new Inbox Insights report in MailerCheck.

Send emails from your email service provider to MailerCheck.

View results of deliverability tests on emails and email templates.

Email Insights conducts 6 email tests

Spam filter test

Uncover email deliverability issues with SpamAssassin.

HTML validation

Identify poorly-formed tags and CSS in HTML emails.

Content check

Highlight spam-like words and unusual formatting.

Links and images

Fix broken links and missing attributes for files.

Sender authentication

Send from an authorized domain and mail server.

IP address blocklist

Check if your sending domain is on a blocklist.

More email testing tools coming

Optimize deliverability even more with these exciting, new inbox features.

Inbox Placement

Find out how email campaigns will perform with specific domains, checking if they land in the inbox or the spam folder.

Inbox Preview - Future Feature

Test email designs by generating email previews and screenshots for Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and mobile devices.