Real-time email verification for an all-the-time clean list

Keep your email lists sparkling clean the moment you collect new email addresses.

What is real-time email verification?

MailerCheck’s email validation API verifies new email addresses as you collect them and instantly filters out emails with typos, errors, catch-all domains and more.

Why verifying emails in real-time is really important

Improves email deliverability by screening out bad email addresses before they’re added to your email list.

Maintains your email sender reputation by avoiding campaigns with high bounce rates.

Saves time and money in cleaning up your list by validating emails as you collect them.

How to use real-time email verification yourself

Connect with our email address verification API from your app.

As emails are entered into, for example, a registration form, MailerCheck verifies the quality of the email address.

It then returns one of the following statuses in real-time: valid, invalid, typo, mailbox not found, mailbox full, catch-all address, unknown email, or disposable email address.

Your app will then proceed accordingly, for example, asking users to re-enter their email address if it has a typo.


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