Email list verification

Verify your email list in 3 simple steps
Verify email list

Step 1

Upload your email list

Simply click and select the email list to verify.

Step 2

MailerCheck cleans and analyzes

You’ll have time to grab a quick coffee while our email validation tool does its job.

Verifies email quality

Find out which emails are safe for sending and which emails will bounce. Emails constantly change, so verify your list frequently.

Detects errors

We all make mistakes, and sometimes errors occur during the signup process. You’ll get a report of emails with typos, syntax errors or other anomalies.

Discovers catch-all emails

Identify every email address for catch-all domains that return valid for all emails. These emails are not guaranteed to reach a real person so monitor open rates.

Avoids full inboxes

Set aside those emails on your list that will bounce because their mailboxes are full and won’t accept new messages.


Step 3

Recommendations help you optimize your list

Review your email list verification report, optimize it to improve future campaigns and download your newly verified email lists for action.


Our email verification solution is integrated with multiple email platforms. Integrate our email verifier to ensure a clean subscriber list before you hit send.

What is the definition of a valid email address?

A valid email address is an email we've determined is a valid and safe email.

How long does it take to validate a single email?

The validation of 1 email address can take a few seconds to a few minutes. Keep in mind that the timing can vary based on the number of emails in the client's list and how many other users are validating lists at the same time.

Am I charged for duplicates?

If our email verifier finds duplicates within 1 list or import, you will only be charged once. Many other email validation tools will charge you twice, but we like to keep things fair :)

How many emails can I verify at once?

There is no limit to how many email addresses can be verified at once. Keep in mind that the more emails are on your list, the longer it takes.

Will my credits expire?

If you’ve made a one-time purchase or used autopay, your credits are yours forever! They will never expire. Monthly subscription credits do expire, as they do not roll over to the next month.

Ready to optimize your email list?

Try cleaning and analyzing your list in minutes. There are no long term commitments, so you can see the magic for yourself.