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Clean your email list in 3 simple steps

Step 1

Upload Your Email List

Simply click and select your file.

Step 2

MailerCheck Cleans & Analyzes

You’ll have time to grab a quick coffee (in the office) while the verification system does its job.

Verifies Email Quality

Find out which emails are safe to send and which emails will bounce. Emails constantly change, so clean your list frequently.

Finds Spam Traps

Remove every known spam trap from your email list. Your sender reputation will benefit from a spam-free track record.

Exposes Complainers or Abusers

Some of your emails are real but have a shady past. See which people have a history of marking emails as spam so you can avoid all that negativity.

Detects Errors

We all make mistakes, and sometimes errors occur during the signup process. You’ll get a report of emails with typos, syntax errors or other anomalies.

Discovers Catch-all Emails

Identify every email address for catch-all domains that return valid for all emails. These emails are not guaranteed to reach a real person so monitor open rates.

Avoids Full Inboxes

Set aside those emails on your list that will bounce because their mailboxes are full and won’t accept new messages.

Step 3

Recommendations Help You Optimize Your List

Review your email list verification report, optimize it to improve future campaigns and download your newly cleaned lists for action.

MailerLite Integration

If you use MailerLite, your life just got easier. You can integrate with your subscriber list to keep your list clean before you hit send.

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