Predict email deliverability using Inbox Placement

Check if your emails will reach the inbox or land in the spam folder.

Test emails before sending

Optimize email delivery with insights from email inbox testing. Predict whether email campaigns will get delivered with major ISPs, checking if they’ll pass spam filters.

3 reasons to monitor inbox performance

Deliverability monitoring provides insights to create emails that reach the primary inbox.

Anticipate where emails will land

Important email metrics like open rates are affected by whether emails reach the inbox, spam folder, or get rejected.

Learn where emails appear in Gmail

Find out if your emails appear under the Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates or Forums tabs of the subscriber’s inbox.

Optimize emails for deliverability

Make the necessary changes to your emails based on the inbox reports so you can reach the desired inbox folder.

Test inbox placement in 3 steps

Add the Inbox Placement option to the Inbox Insights report.

Send an email from your email service provider to MailerCheck.

See a summary of Inbox Placement results in a report.

Deliverability reports provide insights

Analyze email campaigns to see if your emails arrive in the inbox, the junk folder, or if they were even delivered at all! Use these insights to fix your emails.

Inbox placement test example


Inbox placement for email domains

Inbox testing works with the major mailbox providers so you can cover the most ground with your subscribers.


Inbox placement requires 200 credits per check. Prices start at just $0.01 per credit!

How many credits do you need?
Pay as you go
1,000 credits $ 0.01 per credit
Monthly subscription
Save 20%
$ /month
1,000 monthly credits
Plans start from 2,500 to 300,000 credits per month

Ready to optimize your email list?

Try cleaning and analyzing your list in minutes. There are no long term commitments, so you can see the magic for yourself.

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