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How to integrate MailerCheck with MailerLite to verify your email list

Integrate MailerCheck with MailerLite to automate your email list verification.

In today's digital age, email marketing remains a powerful tool for businesses and individuals alike to reach their target audience. However, maintaining a healthy and engaged email list is crucial for the success of your email campaigns. This is where MailerCheck, specifically designed to work seamlessly with MailerLite, steps in to refine your email list verification process. As demonstrated by Harmony in the video, MailerCheck offers a simple yet effective solution for ensuring the quality and deliverability of your MailerLite email list. In this video, we will explore why it's essential for people to validate their MailerLite lists with MailerCheck.

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[Harmony] Hi everyone today I'm going to show you how to verify your email list with MailerCheck.  


[Harmony] Specifically, using MailerLite which is our sister company to MailerCheck, it is the best solution for verifying your MailerLite list.


[Harmony] To start off, let's go to Integrations, find MailerLite, click Use, and click Add Integration. To find the MailerLite API key, we'll need to go over to our MailerLite account and go over to Integrations. Find API and click use, generate a new token, and give the token a name. I will call this one MailerCheck.


[Harmony] Click Create token and once the token appears, click Copy, go back over to MailerCheck, and paste in that API key just here. Give it a name. I will call this one MailerLite.


[Harmony] Click Add, and now let's go over to email verification. And down to lists, Verify the new list, and we can find MailerLite, click Use, choose the account and authenticate.


[Harmony] Now we can select the list from MailerLite that we'd like to validate. So here we can select the different groups and segments that we have in our account. I will select our demo group and we can see that the credits required shows right here if you need to buy more credits, you can do so by going just right here. 


[Harmony] Click Verify list, and we can see that our 14 emails have been verified. If we click view details we can see the breakdown of all of the different validation results. So these are the valid emails, we have the risky emails here and all of the different categories. As well as the emails we recommend not to send to at all and the different categories here and you can  see we have the option to select all of them, or we can select individual options, and if we do we also have the option to export select to MailerLite. So this will actually export these emails back into your MailerLite account.


[Harmony] And now our list has been exported, let's check back in MailerLite. So back over in our account we can go to subscribers, and go to groups, and here we can see the group that MailerCheck has created.


[Harmony] Besides creating the group itself MailerCheck will also create a new field, to show all of the results. And here you can see the MailerCheck result and all of the different results from the list that we validated. And now back in MailerCheck. Remember, you can always see your validation results for individual lists in the email verification and list area.


[Harmony] If you have any questions our support team can be reached just right here. And we also have access to all of our knowledge-base articles just here. Thanks for watching!

In conclusion, the importance of validating your MailerLite email list with MailerCheck cannot be overstated. As demonstrated by Harmony in the video, this integration provides a streamlined and efficient process to ensure the health and effectiveness of your email marketing efforts.

So, whether you're a small business owner, a marketer, or an individual looking to make the most out of your MailerLite email list, MailerCheck is your trusted companion in maintaining a clean and effective email database. Take Harmony's advice and integrate MailerCheck into your email marketing strategy today for improved results and a more efficient email marketing experience.