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Email validation statuses

Verifying your emails is just the first part of cleaning your email list.


In order to view the verification details of your email list, first log in to your MailerCheck account.

There, you will be able to see all the email lists that have been cleaned and verified. 

Note: If you are logging in for the first time, you will not able to see any lists yet. In this case, just click the "Verify new list" button to upload and clean an email list.

Once you can see your uploaded email lists, click on View details on the specific list you’d like to analyze. 

On the email-list page you previously selected, you can view how many email addresses belong to a specific category or status. 

You can click the Select all button to download the selected list and upload it to your email service provider. However, we recommend that you just select the email addresses that show a Valid status.

You will also notice that there are email addresses that display different statuses with different color labels. Here is what each specific status means:

  • Valid: Email is safe to send.

  • Catch-all: Recipient's mail server will accept emails to this address, but we cannot guarantee this email address belongs to a person.

  • Unknown: We are unable to determine if the email is valid or not valid. Use caution when sending.

  • Mailbox full: Recipient’s inbox is full and may not be able to receive new emails. Use caution when sending.

  • Mailbox not found: Recipient’s inbox does not exist. Do not send.

  • Syntax error: Email is not valid. Do not send.

  • Typo: Email address has a typo. Correct email address and retest.

  • Disposables: These email addresses should be removed from your lists. These are temporary email addresses people use to avoid getting spam in their inbox.

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Speaker: Today, we're going to be looking at email verification statuses, so you can better understand your MailerCheck verification results. To access your verification results, you can find them on the dashboard or go to the email verification tab. Let's check the results right here by clicking on "View Details."


Speaker: The first thing you'll see are the "Valid" email addresses. These are the emails that are safe to send to. We recommend checking and downloading them to add them to a specific group, ensuring that these email addresses won't bounce.


Speaker: Now, let's take a look at the "Risky" addresses. The "Catch-all" status means that the recipient's email server will accept emails to this address, but we can't guarantee that it belongs to a real person. So it falls into the risky category.


Speaker: The "Mailbox Full" status indicates email addresses with a full mailbox, meaning they won't accept any new emails, and they will bounce.


Speaker: "Role-based" emails are not associated with a specific person but rather a group or a business. They typically begin with info@, admin@, or similar addresses. While they are not invalid, they are considered risky.


Speaker: "Past Delivery Issues" show email addresses that have had problems with sending in the past. They are also categorized as risky since there might be issues when sending to these addresses based on their history.


Speaker: The "Unknown" status refers to addresses that we couldn't determine if they are valid or not. These addresses also fall into the risky category. It's recommended to exercise caution when sending to them.


Speaker: The email addresses categorized as risky or unknown are the ones we recommend not sending to at all. It's best to remove them from your list completely.


Speaker: "Syntax Errors" refer to email addresses that are not valid due to typos. These can often be easily fixed in your file, as they might simply have a simple typo.


Speaker: If the email address or the mailbox itself cannot be found, it will not be allowed to be sent to since it will guarantee a bounce.


Speaker: "Disposable" email addresses are temporary addresses that may be deliverable at the moment but won't be able to receive emails long term. Therefore, we add them to the "Do Not Send" category.


Speaker: "Mailbox Blocked" indicates that the mailbox is likely blocked by the service provider due to poor sending practices. It is strongly recommended not to send emails to these addresses.


Speaker: You can select any of these statuses and download them individually for further analysis. This allows you to review the specific email addresses and make informed decisions regarding your sending practices. Thank you for watching!

Understanding these email verification statuses will help you better manage your email list and ensure successful email delivery.