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Inbox Insights

In this video, we'll explore how to use Inbox Insights to test your email campaigns' deliverability and content for maximum impact.

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Speaker: Head to the Inbox Insights page and click "Analyze My Campaign." Under the report name, enter a name for your report, and you can also add a description if you want. Scroll down and choose what you would like to test.


Speaker: Email Insights will give you a general analysis of the campaign. Since it's a default test, you cannot uncheck this option. An Email Insights report by itself is 200 credits. You can choose to add on the Inbox Placement test too, which will show you which folder the email lands in for different email providers, including Gmail and Yahoo.


Speaker: This one is optional and it also requires an additional 200 credits. But remember you can always purchase more credits by clicking on the Buy credits button up here.


Speaker: When you're ready, click "Next." On the next page, there will be a list of email addresses where the campaign should be sent to. If you select Email Insights by itself, you will only see one email address here. But if you choose both Email Insights and Inbox Placement, you'll see several email addresses. This is called the seed list. You can copy the seed list or download it as a CSV file, whichever makes it easier for you to manage and send emails to those addresses.


Speaker: Once the email has been received, the tests will start running. The report will appear on the Inbox Insights dashboard, and you will receive a copy of it in your email too.


Speaker: Let's go ahead and break down the report. The "Score" tab shows an overview of the test results. On the left, there is a graph, and on the right, you'll find the data related to it. The email score is rated from 0 to 100, with a higher number indicating better campaign deliverability.


Speaker: Then we have the HTML version, which shows a preview of your campaign. The text version shows the text version of the campaign. And the "Source" tab will display the HTML code.


Speaker: On the right side, you'll see the details of your campaign, including the campaign title, insight created date, sender address, bounce address, and reply-to address. The "Campaign Details" section breaks down the data that was tested. This includes a spam filter check, so you can see if the campaign has been flagged as spam.


Speaker: HTML validation tracks any HTML errors, and content check displays the number of spam-like phrases found in your campaign. The "Links and Images Validation" indicates any links or images that are broken or in need of review. Sender authentication highlights any issues with your SPF and DKIM authentication. And IP blocklist checks your server IP address against the most common blocklists.


Speaker: For a more in-depth analysis, simply click on any feature in this section or scroll down to see the full report.

The Inbox Insights feature provides valuable tools for analyzing and optimizing your email campaigns. By accessing the Inbox Insights page and utilizing the available tests, such as Email Insights and Inbox Placement, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your campaign's performance.

By leveraging the insights and recommendations provided in the Inbox Insights report, you can make informed decisions to enhance the performance and deliverability of your email campaigns, ultimately improving your overall email marketing strategy.