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Inbox Placement

Improve email campaign success with optimal inbox placement. Increase visibility, engagement, and conversions by ensuring your emails reach recipients' inboxes instead of being marked as spam.


Harmony: Hey everyone, it's Harmony here and today I'm going to show you how to use MailerCheck's inbox placement feature, which is a great way to see where your emails will land before you send them. And then that way you can make any changes you need before you send out your campaign.


Harmony: This can help increase metrics such as open rates, because more subscribers are receiving your emails in the place where they are more likely to see them. You'll notice in Gmail specifically that emails are typically split up into different categories. With Inbox Placement you can check whether your emails land in the primary folder or somewhere else like promotions.


Harmony: Typically emails will land in promotions if they are sent in bulk from an email service provider or perhaps a sender is not in the recipient's contact list. You can also end up in the promotions category if your email has lots of HTML headers or CTAs or just looks like a marketing type of email.


Harmony: With Inbox Placement you'll be able to see exactly where the email lands and optimize it so it lands exactly where you want. To get started go to the Inbox Insights Tab and click analyze my campaign. Enter a report name and add a description too, if you like.


Harmony: By default the Email Insights tab will be checked, so you can go ahead and add the Inbox Placement. Together that costs 400 credits and you can buy more credits just up here. Click next, and then you will see the seed list. So this is a list of email addresses that you want to send your email campaign to.


Harmony: You can copy this email list, or you can download it and send your campaign to this list. Now that we have copied that list of email addresses, you need to send an email to that list. I'm using MailerLite to send my email and you can use any email marketing platform or even a free platform like Gmail.


Harmony: And here you can see I have copied that list into a group in MailerLite so I can go ahead and send my email directly there. And once the email is received you will get the report in MailerCheck. Which will look something like this.


Harmony: Here you can see the Email Insights report and we're going to go over to the Inbox Placement Tab. And here you can see the Inbox Placement report which shows these three tabs to show where the email is landing. This shows where the email has landed in the inbox, the percentage, this shows the percentage that has landed in spam, and this shows the percentage that has not been delivered to the inbox or to spam.


Harmony: And you can see the breakdown for all the different providers here. If you check Gmail you can also see which folder the email lands in. So you can see if it lands in the inbox, the updates or the promotions folder.


Harmony: And you can also see the sender IP address and you can see if the SPF is configured correctly. If you want to see the report any other time just go to the Inbox Insights Tab and you'll be able to see all of your reports just here.


Harmony: To learn more about what makes emails land in spam or promotions and how to avoid this check the links in the description below. Thanks for watching!

Inbox placement is vital for email marketing success. It guarantees that your messages reach recipients' inboxes, maximizing visibility, engagement, and conversions. By optimizing inbox placement, you ensure that your emails are not lost in spam folders or overlooked, increasing the likelihood of being seen and acted upon. Take control of your email deliverability and enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns by prioritizing inbox placement.