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MailerCheck Deliverability Testing Tool Overview

If you're struggling with low email deliverability rates, MailerCheck is the tool for you. In this overview, we'll show you how MailerCheck can help you improve your email campaigns by providing a comprehensive email deliverability testing solution.

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Speaker: When you first log in, you'll see the main dashboard. Right here you can quickly verify a single email address by simply typing in the address and clicking verify. Scroll down to see the most recent verification results and you can easily access our Inbox Insight feature just right here. And all of your Integrations will show here at the bottom.


Speaker: Over here in the email verification tab you can upload a new email list by clicking verify new list. Either upload a file from your computer or integrate MailerCheck with your email marketing software to verify your list directly from there. Once you've added a new list, it will be checked and verified, so you can see which email addresses are safe to send to and which ones are likely to bounce. The email addresses marked as valid like this are active subscribers. While other statuses such as role-based or mailbox full show that these addresses will likely bounce. So it's recommended to remove them from your list and don't send emails to these addresses.


Speaker: You can also always check your verified list results right here, and you can even see the full report by clicking view details. Let's check out Inbox Insights. Here you can check your campaign's deliverability before you send it out to subscribers. Simply click analyze my campaign and you'll get a full report about your campaign with insights and deliverability advice specific to your email that you're about to send.


Speaker: Once you have added a name for your report, you can choose if you want to only run the Email Insights test, which will give you a general analysis of the campaign. Or you can choose to add on the Inbox Placement test as well, which will show exactly where the email lands for different email providers like Gmail and Yahoo.


Speaker: Over here in the monitoring tab we have both Blocklist and DMARC. Let's look at Blocklists first. This is where you can add a domain or IP address by clicking Add a monitor. Just add the domain IP or IP range here, and you can also choose to be notified when this IP or domain is blocklisted by toggling the option on. And what the monitoring tool will do is check if that domain or IP is listed on any relevant blocklist, and it'll even offer suggestions on how to get delisted so it doesn't harm your deliverability or a sender reputation. All of your IPs and domains that are being monitored are also going to show up right here.


Speaker: In the DMARC monitoring page you can set up DMARC reporting for your domain and keep it monitored in the background. This is really useful for knowing if your domain has been spoofed and is being used to send spam emails. Add a domain by clicking monitor domain right here, type in the name of the domain you want to monitor and click add. And from there you'll receive DMARC reports from major email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, etc., letting you know if they have blocked or quarantined any emails that were supposedly sent from your domain. So you can keep track of any spam activity.


Speaker: Under Integrations, you'll find all of our native MailerCheck integrations. All you need to do is click use to see the instructions for installing each one. And if you need an API token to connect with another application, you can do that right here in the API token section. Click generate new token and that's it.


Speaker: Going over to the usage report page you'll find a detailed report of your usage information for uploads, integrations or API. You can also view your usage history and choose a specific time frame for your results. Next, let's have a look at settings.


Speaker: Under account settings, you'll find your company information, time zone settings, and you can also manage the users in your account from the users tab right here. All of your billing information will be here on the last page. Where you can add your billing details, payment methods, check and download your invoices, and check your credit history.


Speaker: Scrolling to the top and clicking your profile name is how you enter your user profile. Where you can add your personal information, change your password, and set up extra authentication. And you can also easily subscribe to our newsletter for any product updates. Speaking of which, any important notifications about your account will be displayed here by clicking on the bell icon.


Speaker: And the single sign-on icon right here lets you switch over to a connected MailerLite or MailerSend account if you have one. If you're running low on credits, and you need to buy more, you can always add credits to your account by clicking the buy credits button just right here. You can choose how many you need and see the total cost before buying. And your credit amount will always be displayed right here under your account name.


Speaker: If you ever need any help, our chat feature is here at the bottom right, where you can find help articles or send a message to our support team. Thanks for watching!

MailerCheck's deliverability testing tool ensures accurate email address verification, improves deliverability rates, and offers valuable insights for optimizing email campaigns. It safeguards sender reputation, enhances security, and integrates seamlessly with existing workflows, making it an essential tool for successful email marketing.