A quick guide on how to connect Mailchimp to MailerCheck.

Setting up the Mailchimp integration

We’ll explain step by step how you can connect your MailerCheck account with your Mailchimp account to verify your subscribers.

First, log in to your MailerCheck account.

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    Go to your MailerCheck account menu (upper right menu)

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    Click on Integrations

MailerCheck my list admin page
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    On the Integrations page, click on Mailchimp

Choose MailChimp integration
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    On the Mailchimp page, click on Connect account

You don't have any accounts connected
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    Enter your Mailchimp credentials and click on the Log in button

Log in your MailChimp account
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    Next, you are redirected to MailerCheck's Verify new list page.

Verifying your Mailchimp lists

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    On the Verify new list page, choose the Mailchimp account you’d like to verify from the dropdown menu. MailerCheck allows you to connect multiple Mailchimp accounts.

Authenticate MailChimp
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    Click on the Authenticate button

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    Choose which list to verify from the dropdown menu

Select MailChimp list to import to MailerCheck
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    Click on the Verify list button

Now the validation process begins and you are redirected to the My list page where you can monitor the process.

Viewing the results

When the list has been validated, you can view the results by clicking the View details button.

MailerChimp subscriber list result overview

When viewing the results, you can select which statuses to download as a CSV file (or select all at once).

MailChimp email list verification results in detail

Finally, use the downloaded CSV file to import and update your subscribers in your Mailchimp account.