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GetResponse email verification

Elevate your campaigns with MailerCheck, the top-tier email verification tool for GetResponse developed by industry experts. Offering seamless GetResponse integration and a 98% deliverability guarantee, MailerCheck is the ultimate choice for ensuring the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Why is MailerCheck the Best Email Validation for GetResponse?

MailerCheck is the leading solution for GetResponse users who want to improve their email deliverability. It seamlessly integrates with GetResponse and offers a complete suite of email deliverability tools, from email validation to sender reputation management. 

With MailerCheck, you can:

  • Validate your email lists to ensure that all of your emails are deliverable, from bulk to single email address or real-time API

  • Monitor your sender reputation and identify any potential deliverability issues

  • Get detailed reports on your email deliverability so you can track your progress and make improvements

How to Use GetResponse Email Verification Integration

To set up the GetResponse email verification integration with MailerCheck, follow these steps:

  • 1

    Log in to your MailerCheck account.

  • 2

    Select Integrations.

  • 3

    Locate and choose GetResponse by clicking the Use button.

Where to find GetResponse integration in MailerCheck dashboard
  • 4

    Click Connect account.

  • 5

    Enter your API key from your GetResponse account along with a name for your key so you can identify the account.

Adding API key in MailerCheck
  • 6

    Click Add and your GetResponse details will appear.

Managing multiple GetResponse accounts? Add more by clicking Add integration. 

To verify your lists from GetResponse:

  • 1

    Go to Email Verification.

  • 2

    Click Verify new list. 

  • 3

    Under Integrations, locate GetResponse and click Use.

Selecting GetResponse from the list of integrations
  • 4

    Choose the GetResponse account you wish to connect from the dropdown menu or click Add account to add a new account.

  • 5

    Click Authenticate.

  • 6

    From the dropdown menu, select the GetResponse list you want to verify.

  • 7

    Click Verify list.

The validation process will begin and you can monitor it on the Email Verification page. 

Once completed, you can view, download, or export the results by clicking View details.

GetResponse email verification list completed
Note: The “Export selected to GetResponse” button is only available if the verified list was a group or segment list from GetResponse.

Analysing GetResponse email verification results and exporting valid email addresses

Real-time API Email Verification for GetResponse

MailerCheck's Real-time API email verification is a powerful tool that can help you improve your email deliverability. By instantly validating new email addresses as they are collected, MailerCheck can help you filter out invalid addresses before they are added to your list. This can help you maintain a strong sender reputation and ensure that your emails are delivered to the inbox.

For more information on implementing real-time email validation, please refer to our API documentation.

Other MailerCheck Solutions for GetResponse Email Deliverability

MailerCheck offers a variety of features to help you improve your GetResponse deliverability:

  • See how your emails are being received by your subscribers across different providers with Inbox Placement

  • Avoid being marked as spam by conducting a spam check on your campaigns before sending with Email Insights 

  • Assess your domain's email authentication performance and improve your email security with DMARC Reports

  • Monitor your domain and IP addresses for blocklists and remove them to maintain your sender reputation with Blocklist Monitoring