MXToolbox alternative with more tools to optimize deliverability

Meet MailerCheck, the more affordable MXToolbox alternative that offers additional features and more in-depth deliverability testing results.

Detailed campaign deliverability analysis

Test your emails before you hit send to identify deliverability red flags. Protect sender reputation and avoid the spam folder by finding HTML errors, spam-like content, broken links and more.

email verification results

Reliable email list verification tool & API

Check your list for invalid email addresses that could impact deliverability and land you on an email blocklist. Upload your entire list or use the API to validate each email entered on your website or app in real time.


Advanced inbox placement testing

Predict the email deliverability of your campaigns for 7 major mailbox providers including Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL and more. Learn if your emails will go to the inbox, spam, or Gmail Promotions tab.


Effective blocklist monitoring

Receive real-time notifications when you are detected on an email blocklist, along with direct links and instructions to get delisted. Monitor the most impactful blocklists to keep your IP or domain better protected.

Straightforward DMARC reporting

Track domain usage to identify sending sources and troubleshoot issues. Protect your domain from unauthorized use, monitor email authentication, and get recommendations on how to resolve SPF and DKIM failures.


SPF & DKIM checks

Correctly configure your DNS records and use Email Insights and DMARC reporting to monitor and check their validity. Learn of SPF and DKIM failures immediately so you can fix them and protect your deliverability.


Modern, user-friendly interface

The intuitive dashboard and navigation menu make it easy to find the tools and reports you need. Plus, find quick access to integrations, API tokens, account settings and billing information without needing to dig.

Why is MailerCheck the best MXToolbox alternative?

Backed by deliverability experts

With 12+ years of experience in marketing and transactional email delivery, we know what it takes to achieve great deliverability.

24/7 customer support

Whether you need help getting started or are having trouble with a feature, our friendly and knowledgeable customer support team is just a click away!

Comprehensive API documentation

Effortlessly integrate MailerCheck with your app or website using the straightforward and regularly-updated API documentation.

What MailerCheck users think

Join 104,207 happy customers worldwide who are already using MailerCheck.

I handed an intern the initial creation, setup and use of the MailerCheck account and it was a breeze. The setup went smoothly and it only took a couple of hours to do everything until running the email verification.

Pedro P. Verified User, G2 Review

I was introduced to MailerCheck by a friend of mine when I couldn't find a credible solution to help us verify our customer data. We're very conscious of our email marketing and sales email efforts and try to keep a tidy and up-to-date CRM. MailerCheck is a vital part of this process and it's been so easy to onboard and use their solution on a regular basis to ensure high accuracy of email delivery with our campaign.

Amir Jirbandey Head of Growth, Papercup

A must-have if you want to ensure that recipients actually receive their messages. It's not enough to send information if you don't know whether it will arrive!

Gerhard K. Verified User, G2 Review

For credibly assured mail checking, as well as deliverability, MailerCheck is what my team & I use. They do it well with their software solution functions, which has proved effective in our email analysis, ordering, and clear-out. It has also been resourceful in validating HTML in our mailbox, clearing out spam messages, and aiding usage reports on our mail activities.

Jamie Smith Chief Computer Analyst and Product Manager, Trust Radius Review


Our email verification solution is integrated with multiple email platforms. Integrate our email verifier to ensure a clean subscriber list before you hit send.

How do our features compare with MXToolbox?

MailerCheck MXToolbox
Email List Verification
Single email verification
Bulk email verification
Real-time API verification
Invalid email detection
Catch-all email detection
Disposable email detection
Syntax error detection
Mailbox full detection
Role based emails detection
Past delivery errors detection
Typo detection
Mailbox blocked detection
Blocklist Monitoring
IP address monitor
Domain monitor
Email alerts
Webhook alerts
Delisting button
Delisting instructions
DMARC Reports
DMARC generator
Instant alerts
DMARC recommendations
Mail source monitoring
Email message volume Unlimited 500k
Inbox Insights
SPF Validation
DKIM Validation
IP Blocklist check
Spam filter check
Email HTML check
Email links check
Email images check
Spam content check
Inbox Placement
Gmail (Inbox, Spam, Promotion)
Gmail Promotions tab


What does MXToolbox do?

MXToolbox is an email deliverability tool that monitors and checks the technical configurations of mail servers to improve deliverability and email security. It does not, however, have tools to analyze email campaign content for deliverability issues or verify email addresses.

What is the best alternative to MXToolbox?

The best alternative to MXToolbox is MailerCheck. MailerCheck is the more affordable solution that includes additional features, such as email content analysis and email verification, for an all-in-one email deliverability solution.

Is MXToolbox free?

MXToolbox has a free plan which offers blocklist monitoring for 1 domain.

What is MailerCheck?

MailerCheck is a B2B SaaS solution that enables email senders to optimize every facet of their email delivery with tools to analyze technical configuration, email campaign content, domain activity, blocklist activity, and perform email list verification.

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Sign up to MailerCheck for free and get 200 free credits to start off with plus access to email verification testing and our real-time email validation API.