A feature-rich BriteVerify alternative

Meet MailerCheck, the BriteVerify alternative for people who want an all-in-one email verification and deliverability optimization tool without all the fuss and upsells.

How MailerCheck prices compare to BriteVerify?

MailerCheck BriteVerify
Monthly subscription discount


Flexible credit purchase
Free credits



10,000 credits









500,000 credits



How do our features compare with BriteVerify?

MailerCheck BriteVerify
Bulk email verification
Single email verification
Removes duplicates
Checks for past delivery issues
Detects typos and syntax errors
Discovers catch-all emails
Identifies disposable emails
Recognizes role-based emails
Notifies when recipient's mailbox is full
Detailed reporting
Email content check
HTML validation
Check for broken links and missing attributes for files
Processing times for 1 email ~1 minute ~1 minute
Email deliverability testing
Inbox placement testing
Downloadable reports
Real-time API verification
MailerLite integration
ConvertKit integration
Active Campaign integration
MailChimp integration
GetResponse integration
Zapier integration
Make integration
Easy to use
Multiple users allowed
Flexible top-up options Pay as you go, auto top-up, monthly plans Pay as you go, auto top-up
Customer support 24/7
Status check
GDPR compliant

Why choose MailerCheck over BriteVerify

Built by email deliverability experts

Our team has a proven track record (12+ years) with marketing and transactional email delivery so you can be confident that your email list and deliverability are in good hands.

Guaranteed 98%+ delivery rate

Our robust testing infrastructure combined with more comprehensive and reliable results mean you quickly get the data you need to reach an optimal delivery rate.

Automatically removes duplicate emails

MailerCheck also makes managing duplicate email addresses a walk in the park by removing them from your list so you don’t have to, at no extra cost.

Detects typos and syntax errors

Unlike BriteVerify email verification, MailerCheck provides more detailed results and detects typos and syntax errors, making it easier to understand why an email is invalid and potentially take action to correct it.

Email content optimization

Enjoy access to additional tools like Email Insights—the email deliverability tool that checks the content of your emails for broken links/images, spammy content and HTML validation.

Inbox placement testing

Eliminate the need for guesswork—MailerCheck’s Inbox Placement predicts whether your emails will land in the inboxes of leading mailbox providers like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo! and more.

Inbox placement test example

What MailerCheck users think

Join 38,364 happy customers worldwide who are already using MailerCheck.

I handed an intern the initial creation, setup and use of the MailerCheck account and it was a breeze. The setup went smoothly and it only took a couple of hours to do everything until running the email verification.

Pedro P. G2, User

I used this with my MailerLite account and it was effortless to work with. It definitely cleaned my list up, I saw a notable (positive) difference in my open rate after cleaning. Very straightforward process and billing.

Verified reviewer G2, Reviewer

I was introduced to MailerCheck by a friend of mine when I couldn't find a credible solution to help us verify our customer data. We're very conscious of our email marketing and sales email efforts and try to keep a tidy and up-to-date CRM. MailerCheck is a vital part of this process and it's been so easy to onboard and use their solution on a regular basis to ensure high accuracy of email delivery with our campaign.

Amir Jirbandey Head of Growth, Papercup

Integration with your favorite apps

In addition to Mailchimp integration, MailerCheck also integrates with MailerLite, ConvertKit, Active Campaign and GetResponse plus, connects with thousands of apps via Zapier and Make.

Ready to use a faster, better email verification tool?

Sign up to MailerCheck for free and get 200 free credits to start off with plus access to email marketing optimization tools such as Email Insights and Inbox Placement.

How many credits do you need?
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Unlimited DMARC domains
1,024 blocklists monitors
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$275 /mo

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20 DMARC domains
256 blocklists monitors
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64 blocklists monitors
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$0 /mo

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1 DMARC domain
2 blocklists monitors
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Ready for better email deliverability?

Sign up to MailerCheck for free and get 200 free credits to start off with plus access to email marketing optimization tools such as Email Insights and Inbox Placement.