A faster, more reliable ZeroBounce alternative

Meet MailerCheck, the reliable ZeroBounce alternative that allows you to quickly validate your email list as well as optimize your campaigns for maximum deliverability.

How MailerCheck prices compare to ZeroBounce

MailerCheck ZeroBounce
Free credits
10,000 credits



50,000 credits



75,000 credits



500,000 credits



1,000,000 credits



Why choose MailerCheck over ZeroBounce

Backed by deliverability experts

Our team has a proven track record (13+ years) with marketing and transactional email delivery so you can be confident that your email list and deliverability are in good hands.

Guaranteed 98%+ delivery rate

Our robust testing infrastructure combined with more comprehensive and reliable results mean you quickly get the data you need to reach an optimal delivery rate.

Validates emails in minutes

With MailerCheck, you’ll spend less time waiting for results while the powerful email verification system quickly performs a wide range of checks.

Clear, comprehensive API documentation

Get a headstart with integrating MailerCheck with your apps or on your website using the straightforward and regularly-updated API documentation.

Know which folder your emails are delivered to

Check if your emails land in the Inbox or Spam folders for major ISPs including Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and AOL. Plus, learn if your emails are landing in Gmail’s Promotions folder, and see the percentage of emails that go undelivered.

Monitor and protect your reputation

Ensure your sender reputation remains intact by tracking domain and blocklist activity with DMARC reporting and Blocklist monitoring. Prevent unauthorized use, troubleshoot sending issues and take swift action to get delisted from spam blocklists.

Checks the content of emails before you send

More than an email verification tool—optimize campaigns with Email Insights to check for broken links/images, spammy content and issues with authentication and HTML validation.

Detailed reporting dashboard

MailerCheck’s simple yet detailed visual dashboard makes it easy to view the statuses of emails while flexible reporting options allow you to create custom reports for your needs.



Our email verification solution is integrated with multiple email platforms. Integrate our email verifier to ensure a clean subscriber list before you hit send.

ZeroBounce vs MailerCheck email verification

MailerCheck ZeroBounce
Bulk email verification
Single email verification
Real-time API verification
Removes duplicates
Detects typos and syntax errors
Discovers catch-all emails
Identifies disposable emails
Recognises role-based emails
Notifies when recipient's mailbox is full
Processing times for 1 email ~1 minute ~20 minutes
Detailed reporting
Downloadable reports
Easy to use
Multiple users allowed
Flexible top-up options Pay as you go, auto top-up, monthly plans Pay as you go, auto top-up, monthly plans
Customer support 24/7
Status check
GDPR compliant

ZeroBounce vs MailerCheck deliverability tools

MailerCheck ZeroBounce
Email content check
HTML validation
Check for broken links and missing attributes for files
Inbox placement testing
Gmail's promotion tab placement
DMARC reporting tool
Blocklist monitoring

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Ready for better email deliverability?

Sign up to MailerCheck for free and get 200 free credits to start off with plus access to email marketing optimization tools such as Email Insights and Inbox Placement.