A smarter alternative to NeverBounce

Meet MailerCheck, the NeverBounce alternative for people who want a quick and reliable email validation tool. Just 3 simple steps to clean, optimize your email list, and improve your email deliverability rate!
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Upload your email list

Just click and select the email list to verify. Upload CSV and text files, or import addresses from popular email platforms.



Verify your list

MailerCheck cleans and analyzes your email list to check for email quality to sort safe emails from those that will bounce, data quality issues such as typos and syntax errors, catch-all emails that may not deliver email to a real person, and full inboxes that won't accept new messages.


View the verification report

MailerCheck produces an email list verification report that contains recommendations to help you optimize your list. Download your newly verified email lists to improve your next email marketing campaign!


Why you should do regular email list cleaning

Cleaning your subscriber lists on a regular basis with an email verifier tool like MailerCheck is a top priority. Here’s why!

Prevents emails going to spam

Your list makes spam filters happy with emails that go to the inbox.

Keeps bounce rates low

Your bounce rates will improve when emails only go to valid addresses.

Removes inactive users

Your emails perform better when they go to people who actively engage.

Maintains healthy reputation

Your sender reputation stays intact with clean emails that get delivered.

Using MailerCheck in your workflow

MailerCheck’s email address verification, analysis and list cleaning tools can be used anywhere that you collect email addresses.

Use our real-time API to verify new email addresses as you collect them and instantly filter out emails with typos, errors, catch-all domains and more!

Here’s how our email validator works:

  • 1

    As emails are entered into a registration form, MailerCheck verifies the quality of the email address in real-time.

  • 2

    It immediately returns one of the following statuses: valid, invalid, typo, mailbox not found, mailbox full, catch-all address, unknown email, or disposable email address.

  • 3

    Your registration page will then take further steps, for example, by asking users to re-enter their email address if it has a typo.

  • 4

    You can rest assured that you’re only collecting clean emails.

Enjoy our real-time email verification service by connecting your web apps using Zapier, or by making calls to our email verification API from within your apps.

Why customers choose MailerCheck over NeverBounce

Here are five clear reasons to try MailerCheck.

Extensive email marketing experience

We're the preferred email verification partner for MailerLite—a fast-growing email marketing tool. With almost 1 million customers, case studies across industries and deep data analyses, we know how to achieve accurate results and a guaranteed 98%+ delivery rate for you.

Intuitively designed software

MailerCheck is an all-in-one email deliverability tool that helps you to optimize every aspect of your email delivery. Simply use it to keep your list healthy, or explore our other deliverability tools for maximum impact.

Flexible purchasing options

No contracts! Choose how you want to purchase credits to match the way you work:

  • Pay as you go. Buy credits and pay for only what you need.

  • Autopay. Automatically purchase more credits when you fall below your limit.

Worldwide support 24/7

We’re fast becoming well-known for our passionate and dedicated customer service! Our support team works around the clock to help you when you need it most, seven days a week.

You’re in good company

The MailerCheck team has 13+ years of deliverability experience in email marketing and transactional email. We know what it takes to reach the inbox.

NeverBounce vs MailerCheck email verification

MailerCheck NeverBounce
Bulk email verification
Single email verification
Real-time API verification
Removes duplicates
Detects typos and syntax errors
Discovers catch-all emails
Identifies disposable emails
Recognises role-based emails
Notifies when recipient's mailbox is full
Detailed reporting
Downloadable reports
Easy to use
Multiple users allowed
Flexible top-up options

Pay as you go, auto top-up, monthly plans

Customer support 24/7
GDPR compliant

NeverBounce vs MailerCheck deliverability tools

MailerCheck NeverBounce
Email content check
HTML validation
Check for broken links and missing attributes for files
Inbox placement testing
Gmail's promotion tab placement
DMARC reporting tool
Blocklist monitoring


Our email verification solution is integrated with multiple email platforms. Integrate our email verifier to ensure a clean subscriber list before you hit send.

Optimize your email list today!

Try cleaning and analyzing your list in minutes. There are no long-term commitments, so you can see the magic for yourself. Get your free account today and start with 200 free credits!