Blocklist monitoring

Get an alert when your IP address or domain appears on a blocklist, and recommendations on how to become delisted.

Blocklists are lists of domains or IPs that are known to or have been flagged by recipients as sending spam.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs), like Gmail, Yahoo and others, use blocklists to prevent a domain or an IP from sending an email to their recipients. Occasionally, even legitimate senders can find themselves on an email blocklist, so it’s important to monitor blocklist activity.

Our blocklist monitoring tool automatically checks for listings of your domains and IPs on the most impactful email blocklists. This allows you to be alerted to a blocklist hit when it happens, so you can take steps to rectify the issue as soon as possible and protect your sender reputation. What’s more, the blocklist monitoring tool also provides information on how to be delisted from the blocklists.

To add a domain or IP to the blocklist monitoring tool:

  1. Click the Monitoring tab in the left-hand navigation menu and select Blocklist.

  1. Click Add monitor to set up blocklist monitoring for an IP address or domain.

  1. Add a name for your monitor and enter the IP, domain or IP range.

  1. If you wish to be notified when the IP or domain is blocklisted, toggle the option ON. Enter the Email address and/or Endpoint URL you want the notification to be sent to.

  2. Click Add.

  3. The check will begin. If your domain is blocklisted, it will be shown within a few seconds.


Blocklist report

Clicking on the name of the domain/IP will open the blocklist report. Here, you can see the number of blocklists where a listing was found,  suggestions on how to get delisted, and a link to the blocklist’s delisting page.


Supported Blocklists

Not all blocklists should be treated the same. Our monitoring tool checks your domain or IP against the most impactful blocklists out there, so we can provide you with detailed information about each list. Our list of supported blocklists can be found here and have been carefully chosen based on those that are the most relevant and used by common ISPs.

Each list has also been given an Impact score, which shows the level of impact to your domain or IP.