Email verification statuses explained

Email is safe to send.


Recipient's mail server will accept emails to this address but we cannot guarantee this email address belongs to a person. Learn more about catch-all email addresses.

Mailbox full

The recipient’s inbox is full and may not be able to receive new emails.

Role based

Email is role-based and may not be associated with a single, specific person but a group of people.


We are unable to determine if the email is valid.

Syntax error

The email address is not valid.


The email address has a typo. Correct the email address and retest.

Mailbox not found

The recipient’s inbox does not exist.


These email addresses should be removed from your lists. These are temporary email addresses people use to avoid getting spam in their inbox. Learn more about disposable email addresses.

Mailbox blocked

The email address’ mailbox is blocked by its service provider due to poor sending practices.